Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Student Spotlight: Stephanie, Mechanical Engineer

Posted on June 10, 2015 by Beata Strubel



Name: Stephanie Weinberg
Year: Senior
Hometown: Fort Myers, FL
Major: Mechanical Engineering

What do you want to do with your engineering degree?
I graduated in May and will be working in the Manufacturing & Engineering Associate (MEA) rotational program with General Mills. I will spend time as a Project Engineer, Systems Engineer, and Supervisor Engineer.

What was the first thing you got involved in at Purdue?
The first organization I got involved in was the Honors Engineering Learning Community. The learning community helped me to get through my first year classes and I made lots of friends and study buddies along the way!

What is your favorite thing about Purdue?
My favorite part about Purdue is that it has both a big and a small school feeling. I love taking advantage of the big school opportunities, like attending Big 10 sporting events. I was also able to create the small school feeling by joining the Purduettes! Another great thing about Purdue is its great first year engineering program, including honors engineering opportunities.

Who has been your greatest influence?
My parents and four older siblings have been the biggest influence on my life. As the youngest of five children, I’ve had lots of people to look up to. I’ve also been able to learn from their mistakes!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Student Spotlight: Sarah, Mechanical Engineer

Posted on May 7, 2015 by Emma Mann

Name: Sarah
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Rochester, MI
Major: First-Year Engineering to Mechanical Engineering

Sarah McBeth is a freshmen majoring in mechanical engineering.  Sarah picked engineering because she loves math and physics and problem solving.  She also loves that with engineering you can see real world results.  With her engineering degree, Sarah wants to make prosthesis because it allows her to help people.  One of Sarah’s favorite things about Purdue is the campus because it is small for the amount of people that go here.  She says that it’s like a 2-in-1 deal because Purdue is a big ten school and you can meet all sorts of people but at the same time get an amazing education.  One of her proudest moments is getting into Purdue.  Her dream job would be to work in Australia or New Zealand as a math professor.  Sarah is involved with many things on campus, and says that being involved with so many groups has allowed her to learn patience.    

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Choose Your Major: Freshman Allie Interviews Nilofer (BME) and Ivan (ME)

Posted on May 7, 2015 by Beata Strubel 

Freshman Alli interviewed two upperclassmen about their choices of major. She shared what she learned with us and you!

Interviewed: Nilofer (sophomore in BME) and Ivan (senior in ME)

What did you learn from these chats?
Interviewing two upperclassmen who are currently in two of the several engineering programs at Purdue was a great experience for me. Getting background information on what to expect over the next few semesters was very helpful. I learned that the engineering areas are very similar to each other, and there are a few significant differences between them.

How did they choose their majors?
Like myself, Nilofer was interested in medicine starting at a very young age. When she was deciding between biomedical and biological engineering, she chose the field that would require her to take classes she would enjoy as both fields would get her to where she wants to be in the future. Ivan chose mechanical engineering because he likes to take things apart and put them back together. Also, he likes the fact that he has flexibility with his major (he can do a variety of jobs with his degree).

How are these majors similar?
Biomedical engineers take classes in electrical, mechanical, chemical, and biological engineering. They are well-rounded engineers. Similarly, mechanical engineers take classes from various fields of engineering. Mechanical engineers can get jobs in most engineering fields. There are also many options for careers with a degree in biomedical engineering, including manufacturing and research & development.

What other career options can undergrads explore?
Some students may decide to follow the pre-med or pre-law route through biomedical engineering. Furthermore, Nilofer participated in Purdue’s SURF program this past summer. She enjoyed it because it gave her experience in her field, and she was paid for doing the research.Ivan has worked for Marathon Oil Refinery, Sabic Plastics, and Westlake Chemical in the past. He likes working as an intern because he is paid for his work, and it gives him the experience of working in an engineering environment.

What surprised you in these interviews?
There were many things I did not realize were possible in their programs? For example, I did not know that you could go to law school after earning an engineering degree. Also, I like that I could attend medical school after finishing here at Purdue. I wanted to be a doctor when I was younger, so working in the medical field would be amazing. I am very excited about the SURF program that Nilofer participated in this past summer. I didn’t know that you could get paid to do research on campus.

So what major are you considering now?
After learning about these majors, I am definitely still considering biomedical engineering as my major of choice. I really like medicine and helping others, and earning a degree in BME would allow me to do that.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Student Spotlight: Abby, Industrial Engineering

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Emma Mann

Name: Abby
Year: Freshman
Hometown:Noblesville, IN
Major: First-Year Engineering to Industrial Engineering

Meet Abby, a freshman who is majoring in industrial engineering.  Abby decided to do industrial engineering after going to the Purdue Engineering Camp and because she likes math.  Abby also really likes that industrial engineering is more people oriented. In addition, she is also considering a minor in management.  Her dream job would be to work at Disney World as an industrial engineer.  One of Abby’s favorite things about coming to Purdue was how different everything was from high school.  At Purdue, Abby is involved with Greek Life.  She says that she loves being in a sorority because it is such a passionate group of people.  One of Abby’s dreams is to travel the world after college on a 6 month backpacking trip!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Student Spotlight: Peyton, Electrical Engineer

Posted on April 13, 2015 by LilyAnn Peterson Gapinski


Name: Peyton
Year: Freshman, May 2018
Hometown: Bloomfield, IN
Major: First-Year Engineering, Expected: Electrical Engineering

When you arrived at Purdue, what surprised you the most?
Something that really surprised me when I came to Purdue was how excited people were about their classes and what they were studying. It seemed like everyone had a lot of internal motivation to work hard and succeed in school, which I thought that was something really cool to see right when I got here.

What have you found at Purdue that you are most passionate about?
Since coming to Purdue I have joined the engineering sorority on campus, which has been a great way to meet a lot of amazing girls who are interested in the same things that I am. I absolutely love all the friends and experiences I have gained through my sorority!

Why did you decide to study engineering, and how did you choose your discipline?
I really liked math and science all throughout school, and I also liked playing with snap circuits as a kid. These interests lead me to pursue a degree in electrical engineering.

What do you want to do in the future with your engineering degree? I have an internship this summer at NSWC Crane in Crane, IN, and I will be in the Failure and Material Analysis Branch, Flight Systems Division. This experience will (hopefully) help me develop skills to get a full time job in the future. My long term goal is to get a job at a navy base after graduation.

What is your favorite thing about Purdue?
There is always something going on at Purdue, and everyone is always so active! I love all the opportunities there are here to stay busy and try new things!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Your STAR Experience by Abby Trusler

Posted on April 9, 2015 by Beata Strubel 

With the end of the academic year in sight, many future Boilermakers have started accepting their offer to come to Purdue! One of the many things new admits must do is schedule their STAR day.  STAR stands for Summer Transition, Advising and Registration. It is a day in the summer when freshman come to set up their course schedule and receive academic advising.

As a current freshman, I remember my STAR day vividly. I remember driving to Purdue in the morning with my mom, feeling extremely nervous and not knowing what to expect. When I arrived on campus, everyone met in a large assembly hall and listened to a speaker talk about the types of things for which we needed to prepare. Students were then separated into small groups based on their major. For mine specifically, there was a short presentation given by the College of Engineering, detailing the courses required by freshmen as well as suggesting seminars that allow freshmen to learn more about engineering in general.  The engineering students were then split up into even smaller groups with an older student as the leader. The leader walked us around campus, pointing out important buildings and sharing stories about their time at Purdue. We played several “get to know you” games that seemed silly, but they encouraged me to meet all the people in my group and make friends that I would see later in the year.

During STAR I was also given the opportunity to take a language placement test. My small group stopped at a testing room for those wanting to take the test.  I would highly suggest that every student that has previously studied a foreign language try to take a language placement test. You do not have to study! Pick the foreign language you know best, which for me was Spanish, and take the test. If you do not do well, it does not count against you, but if you do well, it is possible to receive credits for one, two, or even three classes!

One of the most informative parts of the day was the meeting with my academic advisor in First Year Engineering. My advisor helped me decide what classes I needed to take and whether or not to take a seminar. He also answered my questions regarding high school credit transfer. Soon after my meeting with my advisor, I was given time to schedule my classes on the computer. This can be overwhelming at first, but there are plenty of people there to help you get your ideal schedule.

STAR is a great opportunity for incoming students. You receive valuable advice from your advisor to help plan your schedule. You are able to take a language placement test through which you could potentially earn some credits. But most importantly, STAR gives you the opportunity to meet friends in your major who may be in your classes in the fall. Make the most of the day!