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Forging Connections with Purdue Alumnae

I believe that one aspect that makes the Purdue Women in Engineering (WiE) program so unique is how it goes beyond just serving the current students at Purdue. WiE fosters a community of support and passion in the engineering field for students in elementary school through college and definitely makes a point to stay connected to alumnae. Purdue alumnae always claim to love coming back to campus and supporting the WiE community. And current students benefit greatly from opportunities to hear about experiences in the industry, ask any questions on their minds or for advice, and building our network! Here are some of the many ways the Women in Engineering program and Purdue help current students stay connected with its massive alumni network: Jessica Traver Ingram (ME'14) speaks at an Access Alum event Access Alum Events Access Alum events, organized by the Women in Engineering program, is a great opportunity to have informal chats, face to face with Purdue alumnae. The alumnae tha

Spring Break Study Abroad: Ireland Edition!

     Have you ever considered studying abroad in another country or on another university’s campus? Not sure if spending a whole semester abroad fits your needs? Have no fear - Purdue offers many different study abroad programs, especially for engineering students. Popular choices are winter break and “Maymester” study abroad programs, which are usually about three weeks long but do not inhibit your typical semester schedules. The best way to find one of these opportunities is to read your weekly engineering department emails and stay updated on your program’s announcements. If you also know that you are interested in studying abroad at a definitive time, speak with your academic advisor and search for programs using Purdue’s study abroad page. Another option for a short-term study abroad program is spring break; this past week, I was privileged to be in Ireland studying chemical engineering and industrial pharmacy for bioprocessing of pharmaceuticals. Even though the program was initi

What to do with a day visit to Purdue?

Visiting campus plays such an important role in helping you make your college decision. Seeing campus gives you a look into what campus life is like, and can help you envision walking on campus as a student. Springtime is when campus is buzzing with many tours and events, and many prospective students choose to come during this time. I remember back to my visit the spring of my senior year of high school, and after that day I knew Purdue was going to be my home away from home. But because of its popularity, it can sometimes be difficult to find a tour time that works with your availability. Don’t let this deter you. There are so many ways you can do a self-guided tour, and hopefully this blog will give you some ideas of what to do with your time. 1. Walk through Academic and Residential Campus There are so many places to walk through and see around campus. Getting a look at both academic and residential sides are important since your time will be pretty split between the two as a

Women in Engineering Program Opportunities for You!

     The Women in Engineering Program (WiE Program) at Purdue is a university-organized and managed program that focuses on providing support to current and future engineers. Being a large school-sponsored program with many corporate sponsors, WiE Program offers many opportunities for current and future students to get involved. This blog post will cover some of the resources available for students to get involved with through the program. Recruitment Project Committee      The Recruitment Project Committee (RPC) is a group of undergraduate women in engineering that work together to generate social media content and draw prospective students to Purdue. This is done by sharing more about the ins-and-outs of what the Purdue engineering experience is like by working with groups on specific media channels: Blog, Posts and Stories, Reels, and Short Video.      The Blog team is responsible for writing what you are reading right now! Blogs are for content that have a greater written portion

How to Stay Healthy in College

We all know the saying that “health is wealth”, but then why do we let it slip by the wayside while we are in school? Prioritizing your health–physical, mental, and social–is important, especially as you transition more into adulthood and take ownership of these aspects of your life. Physical Health Take advantage of the Corec The France A. C√≥rdova Recreational Sports Center, known by Purdue students as the “Corec” is one of the nicest, most state of the art gyms you will probably ever have access to and is free for students! There are so many options there for you to work out and be physically active from cardio equipment to free weights and machines. The Corec also has rock climbing and bouldering walls, two pools, dance studios, and much more! They also run the intramural (IM) sports leagues, so grab your friends and sign up for something fun like sand volleyball or innertube water polo. This is a really fun way to spend time with friends and meet more people! To learn more about wh