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Next Steps for your Next Giant Leap!

     With the school year winding down and the May 1st deadline approaching, you might be wondering what to do next after you have accepted your offer to Purdue? We’ve got you covered with a "Pur-do" list and things to look out for over the summer. 1.) Complete VSTAR      Virtual Student Transition, Advising, and Registration (VSTAR) is the important first step you will take as a Purdue student. You will automatically be enrolled into this orientation module on Brightspace, our online learning platform, and be expected to complete 2 over the course of the summer. However, it is important to complete the first module as soon as possible to set up an appointment with your academic advisor! This is when you will fill out your course request form for your first semester. The second module opens on July first and will go over campus-specific information you will need to review and complete related activities before coming to campus in the fall. 2.) Meet with your advisor and requ

10 Frequently Asked Questions about Purdue and the Women in Engineering Program!

Purdue - In General What’s there to get involved in at Purdue? With an undergraduate class size greater than 30,000 students, Purdue is filled with such diverse interests and hobbies. Students often come together to turn those interests and hobbies into a community. So, Purdue has plenty of clubs and organizations on campus for incoming students to easily get involved in. Linked below are a few blogs describing the experiences of some women in engineering at Purdue getting involved in clubs and organizations. Finding Balance: What Women in Engineering Do Outside of the Classroom Creative Outlets for Purdue Engineers! Work AND Play Hard: Club Involvement What are the usual tracks for First Year Engineers? Purdue's engineering program is innovatively designed with a First-Year Engineering (FYE) Program in place to encourage students to refine fundamental engineering skills and discover the best suited engineering discipline for them. FYE is also a bit flexible in that students can en

Learning Communities at Purdue

Coming to campus may seem daunting, after all the university has a very large student body and the campus itself is expansive, however one way to make the campus seem smaller is by joining a learning community. You may have been introduced to learning communities through tours at Purdue, your own research, or online seminars about Purdue. Through learning communities, you live with other people who have the same interests as you and participate in small classes with these students. Continue reading to learn more about two possible communities you could join, and to hear about some students’ experiences within each one. EPICS - Tanvi The Engineering Projects in Community Service-learning community is a project-based that focuses on designing engineering-based solutions to address the local community’s most pressing needs. I was in the EPICS learning community for both semesters of my freshmen year. When you are in a learning community you are mostly placed in the same dorm. Fo

Say YES to Purdue!

With the May 1st acceptance deadline quickly approaching, and this year’s Purdue’s For Me events wrapping up, I can’t help but think back to two years ago when I was making my decision to come to Purdue. I remember the day so clearly when I said “yes” to Purdue. I had visited for one of the Purdue’s For Me sessions in February of 2020, right before the world turned upside down, and I am so thankful for that visit. That night, when I got home, I accepted my offer and was excited to officially call myself a Boilermaker. From that visit there were 3 main take-aways that helped aide my decision. Now as a student, this continues to ring true, and I hope that they can help you also say YES to Purdue.     1. Top 10 Engineering School With more than 13 types of engineering, Purdue consistently ranks in the top 10 and offers students room to grow and find their passions. One of the best things about the Purdue engineering program, is starting students off in the First-Year Engineering (FY